Can You Still Tan With Self-Tanner On?

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By Danjella Dusanic

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Yes, you can still tan with self-tanner on. Self-tanners work by temporarily darkening the skin using a synthetic form of melanin. The active ingredient in most self-tanners is dihydroxyacetone (DHA).

When applied to the skin, DHA reacts with proteins and amino acids found naturally in your skin to create a darker color. Because it’s temporary and requires regular reapplication, many people prefer using self-tanner over traditional tanning methods like sunbathing or tanning beds. With careful application, you can get a nice even glow without sacrificing your health or risking signs of premature aging caused by UV exposure.

  • Exfoliate Your Skin: Before applying self-tanner, it is important to gently exfoliate your skin with a body scrub or loofah
  • This will help remove dead skin cells and create an even canvas for the tanner to be applied
  • Apply Self-Tanner Evenly: Once you have exfoliated your skin, apply the self-tanner evenly across your body using circular motions with either a mitt or sponge applicator
  • Make sure to pay extra attention to areas around elbows, knees, ankles and feet as these are prone to becoming patchy if not blended properly
  • Wash Hands Thoroughly: To avoid having stained palms from the self-tanning product, wash hands thoroughly after application with warm soapy water before drying them off on a towel or paper towel immediately afterwards
  • Let Tan Develop : After you have finished applying the tanner wait up 10 minutes before getting dressed and allow it time for at least four hours for it develop fully into its desired colour

Best Fake Tan Routine At Home + Tanning Hacks You Need To Know

Can You Get a Real Tan With Fake Tan On?

Fake tans are a great way to get the golden glow of a real tan without all of the harmful UV exposure, but can you really achieve a real-looking tan with fake tan? The answer is yes! Fake tans come in various shades and finishes so it’s possible to find one that mimics the look and color of your natural skin tone.

With proper application techniques and practice, you can apply an even layer for an authentic-looking bronze hue. However, make sure to always patch test any product before using it to ensure it works well with your skin type.

Does Self Tan Ruin Your Natural Tan?

No, self tanning products will not ruin your natural tan. In fact, using a self-tanner can help to protect and even enhance your own skin’s melanin production. Self tanners contain ingredients that interact with the amino acids on the outermost layer of skin cells, creating a darkening effect without UV radiation.

The resulting color is temporary and fades over time as dead skin cells are naturally shed from the body. This means you won’t have an uneven “layered” look like you would if you were to try multiple different sunless tanners in succession or at once. Additionally, by using a quality product with moisturizers, antioxidants and vitamins such as Vitamin E, aloe vera and green tea extract – all of which can help promote healthy skin cell renewal – it may actually benefit your natural complexion while also giving you golden glow.

How Do You Get a Tan With Self Tanner On?

If you want to get a tan with self tanner, the first step is to ensure that your skin is clean and exfoliated. This will help create an even surface for the self-tanner to adhere too. Then, when applying the self-tanner make sure you use long strokes in order to evenly spread it across your body.

Make sure not to miss any spots or else you may end up with streaks or patches of color! Additionally, be sure not apply too much product as this can lead to a dark, unnatural looking tan. Lastly, allow the product enough time before getting dressed and showering so that it has ample time to set into your skin and give you an even coverage.

Can You Still Tan With Self-Tanner On?


Does a Spray Tan Prevent You from Getting a Real Tan?

No, a spray tan does not prevent you from getting a real tan. It simply provides an artificial, temporary color to the skin that can easily be washed off with soap and water. As such, it is still possible for someone to sunbathe or use a tanning bed and get an authentic-looking suntan underneath their spray tan.

Can You Put Tanning Oil on Top of Fake Tan?

Using an oil-based product on top of a fake tan can be risky. While it may add some additional moisture, the oil can also break down the color molecules in self-tanning lotions, causing them to fade prematurely. Instead of applying an oil-based product directly after self-tanning, opt for a light moisturizer or lotion that won’t interfere with your newly bronzed complexion.

Can You Tan Through Fake Tan on Sunbeds?

The answer is no, you cannot tan through fake tan on sunbeds. Fake tans work by adding color to the skin without UV exposure, whereas sunbeds emit UV radiation which is required for a natural tan. Therefore, using a fake tan before or after using a sunbed will not increase your chances of getting an even and natural-looking base tan.


In conclusion, self-tanner can be a great option for those looking to get the tan they desire without having to worry about the potential harms of laying out in the sun. Self-tanners come in a variety of forms and offer users different levels of intensity and longevity. Whether you are using self-tanning lotion or spray, it is important to make sure you follow all instructions carefully in order to achieve optimal results and protect your skin from any adverse reactions.

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