Is Lubriderm Non Comedogenic?

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By Danjella Dusanic

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Yes, lubriderm is non-comedogenic, meaning it is specifically formulated to not clog pores. Lubriderm is a trusted brand in the skincare industry that offers a wide variety of lotions and moisturizers suitable for various skin types.

This brand is known for providing deeply moisturizing products that keep the skin feeling smooth and refreshed for extended periods. Non-comedogenic products are beneficial for those who have acne-prone skin or oily skin. They help keep the skin hydrated without causing breakouts or aggravating existing acne.

In this article, we will explore more about lubriderm, its benefits, and why it is an excellent choice for those looking for a moisturizer that will not harm their skin.

Is Lubriderm Non Comedogenic?


What Is Lubriderm And Its Benefits?

Lubriderm is a moisturizing lotion that promotes healthy and hydrated skin. It is a popular choice among consumers due to its non-greasy formula and quick absorption rate. The lotion is composed of various ingredients, including glycerin, mineral oil and dimethicone, which work together to provide maximum hydration to the skin.

Lubriderm is non-comedogenic, meaning it does not clog pores, making it an ideal option for those with oily or acne-prone skin. In addition to preventing dry skin, lubriderm can also help improve the overall appearance and texture of the skin.

If you’re looking for a moisturizer that won’t cause breakouts, consider giving lubriderm a try.

Understanding Comedogenicity

Lubriderm is a popular moisturizer known for its various benefits; however, one common question that comes up is whether it causes acne or not. To answer this question, we need to understand comedogenicity. Comedogenicity refers to the tendency of a substance to clog pores and cause blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples.

A substance with high comedogenicity rating will increase the likelihood of acne breakouts. Some common comedogenic substances include coconut oil, cocoa butter, and olive oil. Lubriderm, luckily, is non-comedogenic, which means it has been specifically formulated not to clog pores.

The product will not cause acne for most users. When choosing skincare products, it’s essential to be aware of comedogenic ratings and choose non-comedogenic products to avoid acne.

Is Lubriderm Non-Comedogenic?

Lubriderm claims to be non-comedogenic. To verify this claim, it’s essential to scrutinize the product’s ingredients for any potential pore-clogging agents. Some ingredients in lubriderm, such as glyceryl stearate, may cause acne breakouts. However, the product’s comedogenicity rating indicates that it’s not likely to cause acne.

While lubriderm might not be entirely non-comedogenic, it’s still a great product for those with oily skin. Its lightweight formula doesn’t clog pores or leave a greasy residue. Overall, lubriderm seems to live up to its non-comedogenic claim, making it a desirable option for anyone seeking a moisturizer that won’t cause acne.

Benefits Of Non-Comedogenic Products

Lubriderm is a popular moisturizing lotion that many people use daily. However, some are concerned whether it’s non-comedogenic or not. Comedogenic products tend to clog pores and cause acne, irritation, and other skin problems. On the other hand, non-comedogenic products are less likely to cause breakouts and are gentler on the skin.

Therefore, it’s essential to choose non-comedogenic products, especially if you have sensitive skin. Not only do they prevent breakouts, but they are also beneficial in moisturizing and nourishing the skin. Make sure to read the label carefully before purchasing any product.

Your skin deserves the best care.

Frequently Asked Questions On Is Lubriderm Non Comedogenic?

Is Lubriderm Non Comedogenic?

Yes, lubriderm is non comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog pores or cause acne. It’s formulated to be gentle and doesn’t contain oils that might cause breakouts.

Does Lubriderm Moisturize Sufficiently?

Yes, lubriderm moisturizes and keeps the skin hydrated for hours. It has a rich formula that penetrates deep into the skin and leaves it soft and smooth.

Is Lubriderm Suitable For Sensitive Skin?

Yes, lubriderm is a good choice for sensitive skin. It’s hypoallergenic and doesn’t contain fragrances or irritants that could cause redness or itching.

Can Lubriderm Be Used On Face?

Yes, lubriderm can be used on the face. It’s gentle and won’t clog pores. However, if you have oily skin or are prone to acne, you may want to consider a lighter formula.

Is Lubriderm Good For Dry Skin?

Yes, lubriderm is a good choice for dry skin. It’s formulated with hydrating ingredients that nourish and soothe dry, rough skin. It locks in moisture and keeps skin feeling soft and supple.

Does Lubriderm Contain Spf?

No, lubriderm does not contain spf. If you plan on spending time in the sun, you’ll need to apply a separate sunscreen over your moisturizer.


The bottom line is, lubriderm has certainly earned its reputation as a top skincare brand. Their products are popular due to their natural ingredients, dermatologist-recommendation and their ability to moisturize dry and sensitive skin. As for the question of whether lubriderm is non-comedogenic, the answer is yes, many of their products are labeled with non-comedogenic which means they do not contain pore clogging ingredients that could lead to acne breakouts.

However, it’s important to note that everyone’s skin is different, and what works for one person may not work for another. Thus, it’s advisable to patch-test the product before using it on the entire face. While it’s not a miracle cure, lubriderm can be an effective part of a comprehensive skincare routine for preventing acne and taking care of dry, flaky skin.

All in all, loonie-approved suggests giving it a try as long as your skin reacts positively.

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