Does Eyeshadow Expire If Unopened?

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By Rakib Sarwar, R.Ph

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Do you want to know if your unopened eyeshadow kit has been expired or not? It is a very important factor to be aware of because your makeup products can expire even if they are sealed packed. All makeup products do have an expiration date. However, some products tend to expire earlier than others which means that the expiration date varies from product to product.

In this article, we will tell you about whether unopened eyeshadow kits expire and let you know how to check if you can still use your eyeshadow kit. You will surely find answers to all your questions here, so read it till the end.

How Long Does Unopened Eyeshadow Last?

Eyeshadows and other makeup products have expiration dates written on their packaging most of the time, which helps you know how long your eyeshadow will last. This expiration date usually indicates the time after the product is unsealed, making it a bit too difficult to find out its exact expiration time.

The environment where you store your makeup products also plays a vital role in keeping them safe and make them last longer. Normally, makeup products do not do well in hot and damp environments. If you store your eyeshadow in a cool and dry place, then it will not get damaged or expire while it is sealed.

Moreover, the makeup products in powdered form tend to last longer than the creamy or liquid ones, mainly because the liquid products contain oil that goes bad quickly. Although eyeshadows with natural preservatives are safer and wiser choices, they expire faster, so try not to overstock such products.

How To Tell If Eyeshadow Is Expired?

Here comes the most important point of the whole article. How will you get to know that your eyeshadow is expired? Do they show signs? Do they lose their quality over time? Let’s find out answers to these all.

All of us must have seen the expiry dates written on every product we use in our daily lives. Similarly, eyeshadows and makeup also have these expiry dates written on their packaging. This date is called Period After Opening (PAO), representing how long your product will last and when it will be opened.

It often happens that you cannot find (PAO) on the packaging, so you can follow these tips to check if your eyeshadow is expired or you can still use it. Makeup products tend to smell stinky if their expiration date has arrived, so the first thing you can do is smell your eyeshadow and if it smells bad, discard it off.

Not only do the makeup products smell bad, but also, they are likely to change their texture and color once they have passed the expiration date. Eyeshadows may lose the vibrancy of the colors and change their texture. Try using the eyeshadow on your hand, and if it doesn’t feel good, you should dispose of it off.

Moreover, if your eyes feel itchy or slight rashes start showing up, then it is a sign that your eyeshadow has been expired. Not only this, but you might also even experience some blood from the rashes and dry eyelids. So, it is best to see a doctor in such cases and stop using any type of makeup on your eyes for a week.

Eyes are pretty sensitive, so it is recommended to avoid using eyeshadows that you are unsure about whether they are expired or not. It might lead you to severe eye infections and itchy eyelids.

Does Eyeshadow Expire If Unopened?

Yes, your eyeshadow will expire even if you have never opened it. No makeup products last unexpired forever. Usually, makeup products have 2-3 years until they get expired. However, it does not apply to all makeup products because some products like eye pencils can last longer.

It is a very common practice that people stock up a lot of makeup and then use it for years and years, thinking that unopened makeup doesn’t expire. Little do they know, even if makeup products are not expired, the active ingredients in the makeup products become less effective over time which means it is no more useful.

Eyeshadows contain strong preservatives that keep them protected but remember that no matter how strong the preservative are, they too break down after few years. Generally, it takes three years for the preservatives to break down, after which most possibly your makeup gets expired.

Therefore, try using all your makeup products within 2-3 years and keep track of when you opened them because it is really helpful to know when your makeup will expire.

Does Eyeshadow Go Bad If Unopened?

Anything that expires surely goes bad. The same goes with eyeshadows; if you keep them unopened for years, they will expire and ultimately go bad.

You should always note the signs discussed above in the article to know that your eyeshadow is fine or it is time to discard it. Moreover, if you find any of the changes in the eyeshadow like told above (about color, texture, or foul smell), you should throw away your eyeshadow because it is harmful to your skin.

You have to take care of eye makeup, especially like eyeshadows, because the eye is a sensitive area, and using expired makeup products can create problems for you. Once the expiration date of your eyeshadow has been passed, it is really dangerous to use it any further because it can cause rashes or acne on your skin.


Now that you have gained knowledge about the expiration date of makeup products, you should always look for them before opening your eyeshadows. In short, your makeup products can get expire even if you have never opened or used them, so instead of loading your cabinet with your favorite eyeshadows, try finishing one and buying the other next time.

You should never compromise on your skin by buying expensive makeup products at discounted prices without checking their expiry dates.

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